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Did you know that standard tap water is highly contaminated? The water from your kitchen and bathroom both contain high levels of chlorine, lead, pesticides and other unhealthy components.  Over longer time this can affect your health in a negative way. Skin diseases such as eczema and acne and respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis are more than often linked to the use of unfiltered tap water from your shower or kitchen faucet. Study after study shows that our drinking water is unhealthier than ever with drinking water plants having bad maintenance.

best whole house water filters

With all these facts and studies in mind, many people resort to bottled water, stored in the fridge for their water drinking purposes. However, this is not the greatest solution because of a few reasons. One is that bottled water is very expensive in the long run.  Especially if you compare the bigger brands of bottled water with the water from your tap it can cause quite a dent in your wallet. Second is that water bottles cause a massive plastic pollution in the world. In America alone, 29 billion water bottles are used for consumption. Lastly, as there isn’t a strict regulation for bottled water, bottled water is often not more than tap water in a bottle.

Installing a water filter in your home is the best way to go to obtain clean and healthy water. It’s cheaper than using bottled water, it provides the purest water imaginable and once you’ve installed a water filter (especially a whole house water filter) the maintenance is very little.

Choosing the best water filters for home can be a daunting task as the assortment of products and the amount of manufacturers are overwhelming. You have 3 options in general; a drinking water filter that’s either installed on your sink or under it, a shower filter that’s installed on your shower head or comes integrated in a  shower head and a whole house water filter. The whole house water filter is placed at your main water line and instantly provides your whole house with filtered water from every shower and faucet.

The best choice depends on your house really. If you have a lot of sinks and/or showers that you want to have clean water running from, a whole house water filter is expensive, but in many cases the best choice as it’s the most convenient and best manageable option for a large house. The whole house water filter needs to be installed with help of a licensed plumber and can be replaced every three or four years without help of a plumber. With for example one sink and one shower though, you’re better off placing a separate drinking water filter and shower filter.

Whatever choice you make, pay attention to the percentage of chlorine that is filtered from your water and check for some user reviews on Amazon first. Your health and skin will really benefit from a proper water filter.

best water filters for home


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